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I had an interesting discussion with my brother and his wife recently. Both are very well educated. He expressed his frustration with the real estate industry and the confusion for buyers especially regarding do's and don'ts of working with agents. For example, if you walk into an open house, do you have to work with that agent? Won't you get a better deal if you work with that agent? And why does that agent get mad if they show you a house and then you tell them that you are working with another agent? He's right. It is confusing. And there is no question too silly to pose here.  So text (416.938.5158) or email me and I'll do my best to answer in this weekly blog.

Do I have to use the same agent to sell my house as I used to buy it?

No absolutely not. Unless you are one of my clients and I certainly hope that we've been in touch enough and that I've done a great enough job in past that you would at least give me the chance to work with you again. Working with a Buyer or Listing a property is a privilege and an honour. The important thing is that you work with a competent agent that you trust and respect.
Even if you have signed a Listing Agreement - that agreement is with the Brokerage, not the agent. Most reputable Brokerages will cancel a listing if requested. They may first attempt to address your concerns by providing you with a different agent. But if you want that agreement cancelled, provide instructions to that effect in writing along with a reason why - and it should be cancelled.